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At Heidi’s Bier Bar you can experience the authentic après-ski atmosphere complete with large beers from our many different taps and dancing on the tables ‘Oktoberfest style’. Our 4-litre beer and drink towers, Jägerbombs or one of our many bottled craft beers will get you in just the right après-ski mood. Dressed in pretty Tyrolean dresses, our hostesses will serve you all your thirsty heart could possibly desire. Join us for an all year round après-ski party to the beat of German, Scandinavian and international hits that are sure to get your hips swinging and your pint foaming!

Our Locations

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The first Heidi’s Bier Bar opened in Denmark in 2004 and have brought Aprés-ski parties to the Danes in 7 cities. We expanded Heidi’s to Norway in 2015 and as of today, there are 8 locations. In Finland, we opened our first Heidi’s Bier Bar in 2018 and today we operate 6 in the land of a thousand lakes and of course, overall, many more to come.

Our Vibe

Apres-ski Bar Vibe

Dressed in pretty Tyrolean dresses, our hostesses will pour you one large pint after the other, while cheerfully swinging their braided pigtails behind our big wood-paneled counter. Spirits are high, the party is wild, and everywhere you look, you see a jumble of happy people, towers of foaming beer, skis holding colorful shots, and sleds packed with everything your thirsty après-ski heart could possibly desire. At the same time, the music is pumping with German, Scandinavian and international hits to create just the right après-ski party.

It’s the kind of music that slowly but surely makes your hips move and your beer foam. Before you know it, you’re on the table singing along to “Born in the U.S.A.” at the top of your lungs.

If this sounds like fun, you can book a table for you and all your friends – free of charge.

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Do you wish to book a table?  It’s completely free to reserve your table at Heidi’s Bar. 

Heidis Bier Bar

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Stay tuned!!  We will be opening soon. We are working hard, to give our guests something truly awesome.

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